środa, 21 czerwca 2017

Piszemy i recytujemy wiersze

Piszemy i recytujemy wiersze 

 If you feel sad, eat salad
If you want to have nice dreams, eat beans
If you want to feel nice, eat rice.
If you want to have better Focus, every day eat octopus"

„Menu of life”
Broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, peas
And your stomach is in peace!
Strawberries, bananas, apples, pears
In your meanyu it should be first!
Milk, yoghurt, rice, meat
You and a doctor won’t meet!
Lots of water, fruit juice,
It’s not any news.
If you do not want to be fat,
Cut down junk food, cut down sugar,
Believe me, it will be hard,
But in the future you will be glad!!


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